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Busy Software

BUSY Accounting Software is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses. With over 1,00,000 installations (over 6 Lac Users) worldwide, BUSY software is one of the leading business accounting softwares in India.

Busy Software is application software that records and processes business accounting transactions within functional modules such as Financial Accounting (Multi-Currency), Inventory Management (Multi-location), Production / Bill of Material, Sales / Purchase Quotations, Sales / Purchase Order Processing, Fully User-configurable Invoicing, User-configurable Documents / Letters, User-configurable Columns in Reports, CST / VAT Reports (State-specific), Mfg / Trading Excise Registers, Service Tax & TDS, Payroll, MIS Reports & Analysis.

Busy Software Client Server Edition

Busy Software client server edition is a perfect choice for those looking to speed up their financial accounting data processing and ensuring data integrity and reliability, that ultimately leads to efficient business accounting.
Implementation of Client-Server Model in BUSY
Before starting the implementation of Client Server in BUSY, let us first understand working of a Business Application (e.g. BUSY) with databases. Any Business Application consists of three main components:
a) Application
b) Database Engine (DBE)
c) Data Files
Business Application interacts with the DBE for the saving/retrieval/processing of data and the DBE in turn interacts with the Data Files for saving/retrieval of data. There are primarily two types of database technologies
a) File Server
b) Client Server

Busy Accounting Software Enterprise Edition - Multi User

Multi-company Multi-currency Accounting Software with Voucher/Master Approval, Message Centre, Multi-location Inventory, Order Processing, Configurable Invoicing / Documents / Letters, Sales Tax / VAT Reports (State-wise), Mfg / Trading Excise, Service Tax, TDS, FBT, Direct E-Mail / SMS, MIS Reports...
1. Unlimited level of Grouping of Accounts / Items .
2. Multiple Voucher Series for each Voucher Type .
3. User-definable Optional Fields in Masters / Vouchers .
4. Reports Export (Plain File / HTML / PDF / MS-Excel) .
5. Printing in Draft Mode (DOS-Like)
6.Images / Notes in Account / Item Masters , Option to Change Voucher Type Name, Option to Change Labels & Captions.

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