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Desktop Services

We provide residential IT and in-home computer support in Gurgaon, Haryana & Alwar, Rajasthan.

Computer Courage can come to your home. We will arrive at your door, day or evening, with all of the equipment and knowledge needed to solve your computing problems and provide business-class reliability and backup. We come to your home in Berkeley, Oakland, and most of the San Francisco Bay Area (see our coverage here). You can also drop your computer off at our office in Berkeley to have it worked on in our shop.

The Computer Courage philosophy is to focus on:

  • Ensuring safety from viruses, spyware, and data loss.
  • Empowering the user by teaching as we work to remove the fear from computing.
  • Solving computer problems in an honest and efficient manner.
  • Providing our customers with the insight and advantage of our vast experience..
  • Desktop Services include:

  • Macs & PCs. We can take care of any type of computer out there.
  • Day or Evening Appointments. We work around your schedule to help you get the service
    when you need it. Our appointments are at a specific time, rather than a time window.
  • Help selecting and syncing email, calendars, contacts, and documents with computers,
    smartphones, and the cloud..
  • Troubleshooting. If your computer is broken, we can fix it. Call us.
  • Malware Protection. Get rid of nasty spyware and viruses forever.
  • Easy Backup. Automatically back up your files without any effort; it’s also easy to restore.
  • Performance Boost. A detailed diagnostic and tune-up for your PC – eliminate resource-
    hogging software and improve your on-line experience.
  • Tech Toys. Learn to use iPods, iPhones, digital cameras, printers, etc. Computer
    Courage will help you find the right product for you, then make sure you can enjoy it.
  • Windows Desktop Support Details: We can diagnose and fix all of the following Windows PC related items:

  • Viruses and malware
  • Slow computer or slow internet
  • Computer won't boot, freezes, or crashes.
  • Networking and file sharing
  • Backup, virus removal, cloud setup.
  • Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, and more.
  • Windows Upgrades (Vista, 7, 8, etc).
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