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Path Breaking Technology Tally.ERP 9 - It's Fast, Powerful, Scalable & very reliable! Tally.ERP 9 is the world's fastest and most powerful concurrent Multi-lingual business Accounting and Inventory Management software. Tally.ERP 9, designed

Exclusively to meet the needs of small and medium businesses, is a fully integrated, affordable and highly reliable software. Built on the proprietary technology of Tally Solutions - C: Mu Late (Concurrent Multi-lingual Accelerated Technology Engine) - Tally.ERP 9 is a perfect fusion between the path-breaking Concurrent Multi-lingual Platform and an Object Oriented Database Engine. Technology on which someday all business accounting solutions will be built.

Simplicity : Tally.ERP 9 is simple, easy to setup and use. It also allows easy Keyboard operations. It requires basic knowledge of Accounts and English to use it.

Speed : Tally.ERP 9 provides the capability to generate instant and accurate reports, which assists the management to take timely and correct decisions for the overall productivity and growth of the company.

Tally ERP9 Auditor's

Tally.ERP 9 offers a special Gold Auditors Edition, which provides Audit & Compliance capabilities exclusively for Chartered Accountants. The Auditors Edition provides the following tools for the Chartered Accountants.
Tax Audit
Statutory Compliance
These tools will help in retrieving the required information and present them in the right form to7help the Auditor to form the opinion. Using Tally.ERP 9, Chartered Accountants can provide Audit and Compliance services to their clients in the following scenarios:
1. Audit at CA's office by accessing local data
2. Audit at Client's place by accessing local data
3. Audit Remotely by accessing Client's data from anywhere

Tally.ERP 9 Multi-Lingual

Tally.ERP 9 Multi-Lingual comprises of the following salient features:
1. Supports flexible data input in the language of the user's choice.
2. Easy to use keyboards layouts in script as well as phonetic.
3. Supports user interface in about 10 languages.
4. Provides the facility to switch to multilingual user interface quickly.
5. Allows effortless transliteration from one Indian language to another within the Indic family of languages.
6.Allows you to cut or copy multilingual text from other applications such as Microsoft Word, Word Pad, Instant Messenger, Outlook Express. Press Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+Alt+V to paste in Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 Server

Tally.Server 9 is a 'Series A' Enterprise Class product for medium and large size businesses whose pace of growth requires for it to invest in infrastructure that will help them improve their business efficiencies. Tally.Server 9 helps enhance the power and control of Tally.ERP 9 Gold users by converting the existing 'peer-to-peer' kind of data access to 'server based' data management. The Tally.Server 9 technology is built with multi-threaded capabilities, such that requests from every user get equal priority and get solved in parallel with others, rather than sequentially. There is no queuing of access or modification requests and so every user will feel as if he were working with his own local copy or snapshot of data. Tally.Server 9 will ensure that the data access/modification by a user is isolated to his/her own snapshot, thus allowing other users to operate smoothly.

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